Minecraft Server Commander

Minecraft Server Commander

It's an application that helps in hosting the default minecraft java server.

Downloads so far: 15250!

Features include:

Thread on the minecraft forum.

Here's a picture of the app:

Minecraft Server Commander in action!

And here's a video made by TheRandomFinn on YouTube:

Video has been removed from YouTube.

The Auto Command System

The auto command system lets you add commands to a list, and then execute them every X seconds.

The Auto Command System in action!

The Give Helper

The give helper makes giving items much easier. You don't have to retype that give command every time! Simply input the name(s) of the player(s) you want to give items, choose an item in the drop-down list, input how many of that item you want to give and... Press the give button!

Item list expanded The give module in MSC

Executing a file

You can load files into the app and then execute them. The files are really simple, it's just a file with one command on each line. You can write comments by putting a "#" in front of the line. here's an example (The example will look weird if you use Internet Explorer):

# This is an epic comment!

say Hello, World!

# Save everything!


say I saved you all!

Save the file as a normal text file with the mcfg extension.

Here's a picture of it in action!

The file execution in action!

Download it!

There are 3 available versions:

Download: Stable Version, Build Version or Debug Version.

Number of downloads: 15250

If you find a bug in any of the versions, please report it, thank you!

Reporting Bugs

Don't be afraid to report bugs you find. Use this link: https://github.com/F16Gaming/MinecraftServerCommander/issues/.

Be descriptive when you report them, include as many details as you can. And don't forget to include the log file if the app has created one (It will be in the same directory as the exe).

Want to contact me in real-time? Find me on irc!

Getting the source

You can look at the source in the Git Repository